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Honesty * Awareness * Clarity * Courage * Authenticity

Hello, great you are here! You probably found me via my book the Geeks Guide To Work, and the HACCA model (Honesty, Awareness, Clarity, Courage, Authenticity), which explains what personal development practically means in daily life. When you apply the five HACCA values, the communication with yourself and your co-workers changes, which automatically leads to a greater sense of fulfillment. What is more, your results improve.

Graduates of the programmes I give* tend to be more “comfortable in their own skin,” they are more objective, take more initiative to improve situations, and dare to take action even when it makes them nervous. That is why they tend to achieve better results while enjoying more and struggling less.

* all my programmes are organized in partnership with Humanication

The HACCA programmes

Soft Skills For Excellence

Become great at being and working with people.

3 days – Amsterdam area

Be Authentic

A three-day life-changer in which you reset the relationship you have with yourself.

3 days – live – Amsterdam




Work one-on-one with me in 6 weekly sessions.

Take the Inspiring Leader Test

If you are working hard without achieving the results or sense of fulfillment you hoped for, you might want to investigate your blind spot, because the answer will be something you are currently unaware of. The 40 questions in the test will take 5-10 minutes to answer, and the personalised report we will send you immediately afterwards will give you an indication of what you can do differently.

Don't take my word for it, this is what others say

Lisanne Wisman

Lisanne Wisman

Activation Brand Manager at Kellogg Company

"I was at home with a burn out but wasn’t satisfied with the coach I was with, who was far too “airy fairy”. Then someone suggested getting in contact with Julia. What a relief! She was straight to the point, and in no time she helped me
create clarity in where I was making my life difficult, and what I was doing well. It brought me peace of mind and allowed me to rediscover my enjoyment of work. "

Maria Sandoval

Maria Sandoval

Operations manager Mobiquity

"I love my job, but I wasn't enjoying it. I was stressed, overworked, demotivated, and it was affecting my personal life. Within 2 weeks after starting coaching my energy was higher, I was leading projects confidently and clearly, I created great cooperation with my colleagues and I even organized our house move with zero stress!"

Bart Peeters

Bart Peeters

Satellite Production Manager Hiber

Working at a fast-growing start-up is exciting but also challenging. I saw that my drive to implement the right solutions sometimes created tension with others, but after 2 coaching sessions I could read situations better, and it felt logical and natural to approach things differently. It feels like a relief that my collaboration with key colleagues has really improved; we get much more done, faster, with less tension.

Wiene Höweler

Wiene Höweler

Java Solution Architect Backbase

"My employer Backbase paid for us to follow a few trainings at the How Company and Julia was the trainer of several of them. I loved it. We learned practical tools in communication styles and leadership, and it was a very safe environment to share and work on your own challenges. The 6 coaching sessions I had with Julia afterwards were amazingly effective. I am now living my values, and am creating the kind of working environment I want to work in. "

Andrea Romero

Andrea Romero

Quality Manager & Chairwoman of the Works Council at Hotel Okura Amsterdam

"I am very inspired by this training! I feel encouraged to apply these methods to gain more successful outcomes."

Thais Lorenzini

Thais Lorenzini

Senior Product Designer at ServiceNow

"This training was an opportunity to learn, experience and practice the tools in a hands-on way."



Okura Young Leaders Programme

"Loved it! I learned so much. There were so many aha moments! All the separate tools are coming together in practice in my life without me noticing."

Wellington Avelino Dos Santos

Wellington Avelino Dos Santos

Staff Software Engineer, Quality Engineering Lead at ServiceNow

"This training was fresh, unique and real!"

Stefaan Vandenbussche

Stefaan Vandenbussche

Engineering manager at ServiceNow

"Refreshing and useful, after many years of random mandatory trainings of all sorts!"


My thoughts on leadership, personal growth and the lessons I have learned

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Free Consult For Leaders

I offer a free-of-charge consult for leaders in organisations. If you want to discuss the challenges you’re facing and what kind of tailormade programme could help you and your team, click here to make an appointment.