I have been facilitating communication and personal development programmes for organisations since 2001. Someone once described what I do like this: “supporting teams to increase their collective and collaborative wisdom, as each member of the team learns to build more safety and trust.”

Most participants experience the Be Authentic and the Soft Skills For Excellence programmes as extremely personal and impactful experiences. You learn how to create alignment with others, and you identify and unlearn habits that have been disturbing your relationship with yourself.

In all my work, whether in training programmes or coaching, my focus is always with each and every individual participant. I don’t give large group trainings or work with group dynamics. Through processes in the training and conversations we have in the training room (and the ones you have with other participants in the breaks) you will identify and release thinking that has been holding you back, leaving you more confident and empowered than you came.

It’s a bit awkward to say it about yourself, but this is how people have described my style of facilitation:

stimulating, personal and challenging, but always approachable and safe
“exhilarating experience”
“my partner says I’m much more relaxed and open since I came home”
“It’s like I dropped my mask and found out that I can trust and love what’s underneath”

I train for and have a very close partnership with Humanication, who have an international team of highly-experienced personal development facilitators. All my colleagues are specialised in creating meaningful and lasting shifts in attitude and behaviour.