Be Authentic


A three-day life-changer in which you reset the relationship you have with yourself.

3 days – live – Amsterdam




Life can often be confronting, whether it’s due to tough circumstances or the pressure to perform. Some people react by feeling negative. Others challenge themselves to work harder and be stronger.

The problem with both these approaches is that they are forms of pretending, in which we conceal the parts of ourselves we are ashamed of, or highlight the parts of ourselves we want to emphasize.

There are several downsides to this, the most important being that it undermines your confidence in who you really are. It kills creativity, spontaneity, courage and enjoyment, and it is not sustainable. Many people end up exhausted or burned out this way.

The Be Authentic is not so much a training as a three-day journey in which you reset the relationship you have with yourself and discover that the person you really are is much more powerful than the person you have been pretending to be.

Dates: tbc
Price: 1995 ex accommodation costs
Location: tbc, in the Netherlands


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