Soft Skills For Excellence


Become great at being and working with people.

3 days – Amsterdam area



We start projects with good intentions, but all of us at some point face situations (or behaviour from co-workers) that don’t go as we had hoped. We find ourselves frustrated, tense or disappointed, and the teamwork starts to deteriorate. An assumption here, a moment of self-doubt there, a mistake here, a flippant remark there, an irritation there, and soon it starts to influence the output and morale of the team.

In the Soft Skills For Excellence participants learn and master the 4 aspects of creating alignment with others. They learn and practise everything they need to know to create rapport, particularly with the people they find difficult.

You will master the art of working with honesty, in whatever form it comes, while developing a relationship with yourself that is supportive, real, and sustainable. During the programme you will get to work on and resolve specific work and personal issues you are facing.

Please note there is no role play in any of the programmes. All the work is done on specific real cases from your life.

Soft Skills For Excellence
Duration: 3 days 09.00 – 17.00
Location: Amsterdam area tbc
Price: 1895 incl VAT

3 reviews for Soft Skills For Excellence

  1. Participant

    Eye opener. Lots of insightful moments. Confronting in a good way. A training for life. The training itself was well structured, and the environment was safe. Participant, Okura Personal Leadership Programme

  2. Participant

    Really insightful. Gives you tools to excel in your professional and personal life!
    Participant Okura Leadership Programme

  3. Participant

    Amazing! How great you are in creating a Safe “zone,” connecting with people and helping them understand! Diving deeper into things personally. I loved it!
    Participant Okura Leadership Programme

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