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    How can we create happiness?

    Can you improve your business results?

    Is your marriage as fresh as it could be?

    How to motivate a team?

Life Fitness

Life Fitness is your ability to influence life and make things progress in the direction you want. Through your behaviour, your thoughts, and the effect you have on other people.


The Tracks

The teamwork track (8 x 2 hours)

Tension between business partners exerts a heavy toll on a company. Decision-making is slow, morale goes down, important issues get overlooked and the business may be paralysed. Working with an experienced coach is a fast and effective way to unlock the impasse, cutting through the emotions and solving the conflict. A joint vision and code of honour will ensure you leave the table in better shape than before the trouble started.

Short life fitness track (5 x 1 hour)

If you are happy with your direction but you just feel like treating yourself this is the best option for you. You may be looking for greater peace of mind or sense of pride, or you might want more vitality and energy. During the coaching you will increase your trust in yourself, you will become more accountable, better at prioritising, and you will get more done with more ease.
In the first phase of the coaching you will start by cleaning up things that are costing you energy. In the second phase you will get to work with a series of tools that will help you approach your life more effectively, energetically and optimistically.

Communication For Excellence Training Programma (4 Days, residential)

I love this programme, which I train for How Company.
It is designed for employees and managers who want to thrive rather than survive in demanding environments and to take the lead in their own life whatever it throws at them. You will start to use all of your potential, enabling you to navigate life and work with more ease and confidence.

Full life fitness track (10 x 1 uur)

This is for people with an ambitious goal they want to work towards. You will discover strong points in yourself that you can capitalise on. And also “leaks” that are currently costing you energy. Identifying these and changing the choices you make in certain areas will boost your performance significantly.

The love fitness track (12 x 2 hours)

This is a private training for couples. You will first clear away habits that have been unwittingly undermining the relationship and making communication problematic. You’ll then be in a place to identify and agree solutions to sources of disappointment, and meanwhile you will be training the love muscles of your mind.

Life Fitness In The Business World

Roughly speaking the performance of any team is influenced by three factors, just like in sport: How fit are the players, how is their motivation, and how “tuned” are they to each other?

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Love Fitness

Love Fitness is the ability to start and maintain successful long-term loving relationships. It belongs to the highest level of Life Fitness.

To relationships
Making human things work

Hi, I’m Julia

And the reason I do what do is that I know human beings are hugely powerful and capable of great brilliance and joy. Unfortunately most people don’t believe it until their results prove it. The difference between a potentially inspiring person and someone whose actions and results are practically inspiring…is good coaching.

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What people say about Julia Sullivan

"After 6 sessions I was moving faster, making things less complicated, and creating more results with less effort. Half a year on, I still use the lessons from our discussions."
Guillaume, 39, Design Consultant
"We have a very busy household with three young children and demanding jobs. We had almost lost all safety and communication but we were both desperate to get our marriage back on track. In the first few weeks of the coaching with Julia we struggled to listen to each other, but we soon felt safe enough to address things in a constructive way. After 12 weeks we are now in a very different place; the humour is back, we appreciate each other (including all our differences), and we communicate in a more constructive way. Of course we still have arguments, but we have learnt how to resolve them quickly. We have found our connection again and we have learnt the techniques to make sure we don't lose it!"
Helen and Mark, 39
״I have a demanding job leading a large team of smart professionals in a fast-moving environment, and I felt that I was not handling everything so well. I had followed trainings earlier with Julia but I wanted to expand my ability to create buy-in from others. Now, several months on I spend less time and energy fighting things I cannot change, and am much more effective at navigating tricky situations so that tensions are resolved quickly. The relationships I have with a lot of the people in my team are now more open, trusting and fun, which has freed up so much time that I am actually looking for more projects to take on!. Looking back to where I was last year, I can’t believe where I am now. ״
Tamir, 43, Tribe Leader
I feel lighter since the coaching with Julia! I get more done, I am kinder to myself and I notice people enjoy working with me. I was able to implement what I saw in the coaching immediately. Very practical.
Henry, 43, Electrical Engineer
My client base has increased by 50% and I have got stuff done that had been on my to-do for months. Julia is very approachable and fun, but quick to call me on my old mind games. I am more alert, proactive and optimistic these days. It comes with practise.
Esmeralda, 37, Graphic Designer
I am a nicer, happier person since the coaching with Julia. Practically, I've completed my divorce, my ex and I get on well and our shared parenthood is working well. Meanwhile I have built a new social life for myself.
Steven, 48, Financial Advisor

Making human things work

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Do you want to meet me to look at your own life fitness?

I also offer a personal consult. €99 incl.VAT

I feel liberated now I approach life as a "hiker", as Julia describes in her book. Since taking the Communication For Excellence programme with her life feels like an adventure... more opportunities seem to be coming my way without me having to work hard.
Margaret, 46, Teacher

My book ‘De Wandelwijze’

My book De Wandelwijze, written in Dutch, goes into the most important aspects of life fitness and the role our thinking plays in it. In English it is available as Let’s Get This Straight. 



Making human things work